20 reasons why the paper entitled "Complaints of group-stalking ('gang-stalking'): an exploratory study of their nature and impact on complainants" by Dr. Lorraine Sheridan and Dr. David James (posted online in 2015) - concluding that all persons alleging organized group psychological harassment are delusional - is shoddy research and is erroneous.

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P​reface -
My name is Richard Griesinger.  During the 50 years I lived in Pinellas County, Florida USA, I was never harassed by local law enforcement until just days after my ex-girlfriend (Jennifer Brunner) -  the divorcing, soon to be ex-wife of the fourth highest officer of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office (Major Kirk Brunner, now retired) - began coming over to my house after we started dating.  She was a neighbor and one of my divorce clients who had told me of her five year plan of divorce, but called me a year later to represent her.  The ex-husband's best friend, Dan, had been an FBI agent in the nearby Tampa office according to my ex-girlfriend.  She and I dated from 2003 until 2011 despite police harassment.  The ex-husband blamed me - "the attorney-boyfriend" - for the divorce throughout our relationship per my ex-girlfriend.  She initialed a list itemizing some of the harassment, uploaded into my main website - systematicpoliceharassment-pinellascountyflorida.com (link).   The harassment in 2003 (by Sheriff vehicles parked near my house when my ex-girlfriend started coming over to my house) lasted only a few weeks - illegal, but understandable.  There was no harassment for the next five years (until the summer of 2008).  But the new harassment lasted for years, was much more extensive, initially involved just police cruisers, but later involved what I referred to as "psychological lynching" in the complaint I filed with the FBI's Clearwater, Florida field office.  The ex-husband was also behind the new harassment because it occurred just days after a relationship-related event.  (Specifically, I repeatedly vented/cursed about my ex-girlfriend when I was alone in her house while she was working in her backyard.  Her adult son, Josh, told me that day that his adult sister, Amber, had been outside, heard me through an open bathroom window, and was very upset.  No doubt, Amber told her father.  Although the event had nothing to do with the smear of being a pedophile, I realized the next year (2009) that I was being publicly smeared.  It was a way that the ex-husband could get back at me for continuing to date his ex-wife).  I had to close my law office in Pinellas County in 2012 because of organized financial harassment, e.g., the hacking of my office’s and personal computers, phones, iphone, and email accounts, constant calls from phony clients seeking an advertised free initial phone consultation, and other dirty tricks.  (During a two year period, I had only two new clients!  I received many identical junk email ads entitled "Missing Clients?" spaced only minutes apart).  Initially, the harassment was traditional police harassment, if you will, by police cruisers.  But because I continued dating my ex-girlfriend despite harassment, the ex-husband and/or his cohorts in the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, tapped into a "higher" network of harassment which included - (1) the hacking of my internet access (i.e., my computers, iphone, and email accounts); (2) receipt of junk email ads, which related to events in my personal life, which were somehow hacked to me to harass me; (3) subtle harassment by ordinary persons in public places (e.g ., by scripted “conversations” directed at me; (4) organized financial disruption of my law office, resulting in having to close; (5) the use of surveillance in my residence to later harass me; and (6) other dirty tricks. I referred to this harassment as “psychological lynching” in my 2013 addendum to my color of law complaint which I filed with the FBI’s Clearwater, Florida field office the previous year.  Significantly, I filed my addendum before I researched organized group harassment (gangstalking), before the first Snowden documents were published and before Jeffrey Kantor's lawsuit was discussed by news media online.  The "psychological lynching" used against me, still continuing, has been variously referred to as community mobbing, public mobbing, organized mobbing, community stalking, group stalking, vigilante stalking, psychological torture, no-touch torture, group adult bullying, organized harassment, organized psychological harassment, organized stalking, cause stalking, street theater, but, most often, as gangstalking.  It is subtle harassment in public places, basically hiding in plain sight.  I contend that corrupt members of, and/or persons associated with, the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community have illegally harassed me and, no doubt, many other law-abiding Americans.

Based upon my personal experience, organized psychological harassment by community members (which I referred to as "psychological lynching in my 2013 FBI complaint, and what is commonly referred to as 'gangstalking") is just one method of harassment against a target.  Other methods of harassment which I have experienced include constant computer/iphone hacking just to harass, organized financial disruption (of my law office in Pinellas County, Florida, requiring me to close my office in 2012).  I consider myself an "accidental whistleblower" of the organized harassment against me - a label which NSA whistleblower, Karen Stewart, has labelled herself.  Mrs. Stewart's gangstalking was for different reasons, but has been somewhat similar to that against me.

I do not buy into claims online and elsewhere that gangstalking involves mind reading, mind control, and the like.  (My guess is that predictive behavior is involved based upon extensive surveillance, both online and physically, of a person).  No doubt, delusional individuals post online about gangstalking, but top secret documents (Powerpoint slides prepared by the NSA's British equivalent) revealed by Edward Snowden that Western intelligence agencies have tools to flood the internet with phony websites and have tools to disrupt online polls (like questionnaires) and discussion forums to discredit legitimate topics and individuals. (link to The Intercept article about Edward Snowden revelations).  (An example of intentional disinformation was a noted left-leaning Swedish journalist, Martin Frederiksson, surprisingly writing anti-WikiLeaks articles.  In 2010, Mr. Frederiksson was discovered to be on the payroll of Sweden's intelligence agency).  

Near the bottom of my website at +++, I discussed four anonymous, disinformative websites about gangstalking and which contained an anonymous article about me entitled "In re Richard Griesinger, Esq.: an online defamation and libel" (regarding my criticism of a shoddy 2015 gangstalking study by Drs. Lorraine Sheridan and David James) -- popagandaculture.wordpress.com;  whatisorganizedstalking.wordpress.com;  bsanalysis.wordpress.com;  and researchorganizedgangstalking.wordpress.com (see note below **).  The anonymous article about me was also posted in the following 11 very similar websites, which were created mainly between late 2016 and early 2017 --  su.wordpress.com;  or.wordpress.com;  ty.wordpress.com;  ay.wordpress.com;  bn.wordpress.com;  en.wordpress.com;  li.wordpress.com;  yi.wordpress.com;  de.wordpress.com;  so.wordpress.com;  and bm.wordpress.com.  I contend that the 11 websites, like the other 4 websites, were created by corrupt members of, or persons associated with, the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community (I contend that corrupt members of the community are at the heart of gangstalking, although corporations and other entities in the U.S. and other countries use the same tactics).  Interestingly, not all the facts in the disinformative article are false.  

Tell-tale signs of a disinformative website regarding organized stalking are some or all of the following - (a)  a bizarre website name such as “dataasylum.com,” "lunaticoutpost.com," "medawarscornflakes.com," “Kooky Stuff - Gangstalking”, "talkshoe.com," "popagandaculture..." (connoting propaganda or disinformation).  No legitimate victim would use such names; (b)  an anonymous author, therefore, no verifiable name and location of the author; (c)  lack of specific details about why the author was initially allegedly harassed and other facts regarding the author's alleged harassment; (d)  goofy graphics; and (e)  interspersing the website with outlandlsh, hyperbolic references to UFO’s and the like; (e) hyperbolic content such as "Absolute Undeniable Proof Gangstalking Exists” and “I am a highly degreed Scientist…”

The psychological and financial harassment against me has often involved bizarre activity and has been extensive, therefore, it has plausible deniability.  Because very similar harassment still occurs even though I now live in another country (Thailand), I contend that it must be directed and/or financed by members of U.S. agencies.  My website is not a commentary about the Thai government or police, and I am not accusing them of wrongdoing.

Interestingly, before I discussed the Sheridan and James gangstalking study - "Complaints of group-stalking ('gang-stalking'): an exploratory study of their nature and impact on complainants" - in this website, the study was easily accessible online on the publisher's website (tandfonline.com). Now it is not.  That is, links to the study now only bring the reader to a short summary (abstract), not to the full study.  Now one has to pay $258 just for 30 days access.  However I believe that Drs. Sheridan and James "research" study is available on the researchgate.com website (link) by clicking "Download Full-Text PDF" at its upper right-hand corner.  The Sheridan and James study may just be misleading and shoddy research.  However, based upon my experience, I contend that it was written at the behest of a corrupt person(s) in, or associated with, the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community concerned about the few, but growing number of, legitimate websites and posts online like mine.  The Sheridan and James paper reminded me of the tobacco industry's past misuse of "research" to downplay tobacco's link to cancer.  I also contend that the above community is at the heart of organized group harassment, although corporations and other entities have used the same tactics, discussed below.

Governmental agencies and corporations in the United States and other countries have often misused psychologists and psychiatrists to "diagnose" dissidents, whistleblowers, and other targets as "delusional.”  For example, in 2005, the NSA, through one of its psychologist, "diagnosed" one of its intelligence analysts, Russell Tice, as “delusional” after he blew the whistle on NSA’s massive illegal surveillance of Americans.  Another NSA psychologist played the same game against NSA computer specialist, Diane Ring, who was retaliated against due to a personal vendetta.  Former NSA contract officer, Retired Lt. Commander Thomas Reinbold, said employees called NSA’s “delusional” tactic as “doing a mental."  Another example of the “delusional” tactic - the U.S. Department of Labor determined the Pacific Gas and Electric Company used an in-house psychiatrist to diagnose as “delusional” the manager, and whistleblower (Neil J. Aiken), of its Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant (link to New York Times article re labeling whistleblowers as "delusional").  Another example, the East German secret police (Stasi) and the Soviet Union's KGB, under its program called Psikhushkas, used the “delusional” tactic against political dissidents and others.  But perhaps the worst example of governmental officials use of the “delusional” tactic is the following -  In 2009, New York Police Department Police Officer Adrian Schoolcraft accurately revealed to his Internal Affairs department that many cops in his station were engaged in a criminal conspiracy.  How did his superiors respond? -  He was physically abducted from his residence by N.Y.P.D. members and committed to a psychiatric hospital for six days.  His lawsuit recently settled for a total of nearly two million dollars. 

(1)   Dr. Lorraine Sheridan, a forensic psychologist, and Dr. David James, a forensic psychiatrist, have no background, training, or expertise in the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community. They have never investigated, nor have relied upon any investigation, of the above community.  Dr. Sheridan works with law enforcement only in the field of traditional stalking, if you will.  Drs. Sheridan and James extensively relied upon Dr. Paul Mullen in their study, but he is just a forensic psychiatrist who also has no background, training, or expertise of the above community and never conducted, or relied upon, an investigation of the above community.

(2)   The Sheridan and James study was based solely upon the answers of 128 anonymous and “self-selected” persons to a questionnaire which the co-authors posted online.  The questionnaire was placed on an unnamed website which was hosted by an unnamed organization offering advice to group stalking victims.  My response - The anonymity of respondents afforded an easy opportunity to post phony disinformation online - a tactic exposed by Snowden documents.  In 2014, Snowden documents revealed that the British equivalent of the NSA  - the GCHQ - has tools to manipulate results of online polls (e.g., answers to questionnaires), to disrupt online forum discussions, etc.  No doubt, in addition to phony respondents to Drs. Sheridan and James' questionnaire, there were also legitimate and truly delusional respondents.  (I wonder if the unnamed organization used by Drs. Sheridan and James was FFCHS, a probable disinformation site.  For example, its website previously advised victims to detoxify their bodies by ingesting “food grade diatomaceous earth” - in other words, to eat dirt.  This advice was removed in May 2014 after it was pictured in a screen shot, taken in January 2014 and discussed in the website fightgangstalking.com, one of the few legitimate websites and discussed below.  Three fairly recent mass shooters in the United States - Myron May, Gavin Long, and  Aaron Alexis - who reported being victims of group harassment, stated that they were in contact with FFCHS for advice.  Yet, I have not read of any substantial investigation conducted by the FBI or other law enforcement agency of FFCHS).

(3)   Surprisingly, Drs. Sheridan and James failed to discuss the recognized "Martha Mitchell effect" which warns psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals not to diagnose a patient as "delusional” just because his or her claims seem far-fetched, particularly if the patient has no history of being delusional or clinically paranoid.  Martha Mitchell was the outspoken, alcoholic wife of President Nixon's Attorney General.  Her rants to news reporters about illegal conspiracies within the White House were dismissed by everyone, except by White House reporter Helen Thomas.  White House officials tried to downplay her claims as "delusional," but the Watergate hearings proved Mrs. Mitchell’s claims to be true.  The following are excerpts from a New York Times article about a diabolical, incredible but true, incident against Mrs. Mitchell by top government officials - "McCord Declares That Mrs. Mitchell Was Forcibly Held - WASHINGTON, Feb. 19, 1975 (UPI) - James W. McCord Jr., a convicted Watergate conspirator, said today - ‘Martha's story is true - basically the woman was kidnapped.’  Mr. McCord said Mrs. Mitchell...had been manhandled and drugged...Mr. McCord was Mrs. Mitchell's bodyguard before he became chief of security for Mr. Nixon's re‐election campaign  [my comment - He was also a former CIA officer].  Mr. McCord said that Mr. Haldeman (President Nixon's chief of staff) had been involved in ‘a great effort in the White House to discredit Martha Mitchell.’  [my comment - Mrs. Mitchell also said FBI Agent Stephen King participated in her kidnapping and manhandling].  (link to Wikipedia article about the Martha Mitchell effect).  In addition to failing to discuss the "Martha Mitchell effect," Drs. Sheridan and James also violated the “Goldwater Rule” of their professional associations - the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association, respectively.  The “Goldwater Rule” requires that any diagnosis, such as one being “delusional,” must only be made after a patient examination.  Former Senator Barry Goldwater won a libel lawsuit - Goldwater vs. Ginzburg et. al. - involving a magazine’s publication of the results of a questionnaire mailed to psychiatrists requesting an opinion of Goldwater’s mental state.

(4)   Forensic psychologists and psychiatrists often testify in civil and criminal proceedings as to a person’s competency.  Yet, Drs. Sheridan and James, who are forensic professionals, did not reference the case of The People of the State of New York vs. D.J.H. (link), New York Supreme Court, Queens County, decided in 2011 - in which the Court relied upon the “Martha Mitchell effect.”  (I found the case online simply by searching “Martha Mitchell effect" and “lawsuit”).  The Court released a man who had been confined to a psychiatric hospital.  The Court wrote that he was formerly a wealthy Iranian who competently testified in the case that (whether or not true) he incurred great financial loss due to illegal activity of government officials in New York, that New York cops planted two weapons in his home, and that evidence went missing in his civil case (all three claims certainly possible).  The Court noted that the man knowingly refused a plea bargain in the criminal case against him just so he could testify in open court.  The Court rejected the opinion of the state's medical witness, a psychiatrist, that the man was "delusional” merely because his claims seemed far-fetched and he would become upset and angry when discussing them.  Importantly, the Court noted that neither the state's witness, nor any other person or entity, ever conducted a substantial investigation of the man's claims.

(5)   Drs. Sheridan and James relied upon the textbook definition of a “delusion” to be a firmly-held “false” and “bizarre” belief, despite “incontrovertible or obvious evidence” to the contrary, which very few others believe.  Religious beliefs are excluded only because many people share similar beliefs.  My response -  As stated above, the beliefs of Martha Mitchell and pre-Snowden NSA whistleblowers, for example, were not supported by “incontrovertible or obvious evidence" and were, no doubt, considered “bizarre” at the time, but turned out to be true.  Also, as stated below, U.S. diplomats wrote of harassment which was certainly bizarre.  Because of plausible deniability, the more bizarre or minor the harassment, the less likely it will be believed without documentation.

(6)   Drs. Sheridan and James wrote that the beliefs of the 128 respondents to their questionnaire basically fell into one of three categories - (a) “highly improbable” beliefs - such as regarding an elaborate organization carrying out its activities; (b) “impossible” beliefs - such as witchcraft focused through gold objects and the invasion of a person’s dreams at night; or (c) “impossible and bizarre” beliefs - such as a family dog replaced by an exact double with a bad temper and the remote enlargement of bodily organs.  My response -  The examples stated in (b) and (c), were either posted as intentional disinformation (per the Snowden documents discussed above) and/or posted by truly delusional persons.  The categories (b) and (c) seem to be a distinction without a difference.  But a belief based upon bizarre events certainly does not make a belief impossible (e.g., those of the U.S. diplomats discussed below).  However, I am not suggesting the examples of (b) or (c) above were possible.  Regarding (a) above -  I contend that there is not one monolithic, world-wide organization harassing law-abiding American citizens.  Rather, it is, most likely, a loose network of (hopefully, just rogue and corrupt) members of the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community with the assistance of local American expats.  Laws enacted after 9-11 have facilitated the sharing of information, whether or not accurate, among the 17 U.S. intelligence agencies, law enforcement agencies at all levels, and local fusion centers.  Additionally, U.S. private contractors (now nearly a half million with top secret clearances) have access to some of this information.  Also, members of a private organization, Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit (LEIU), which includes active and retired police officers, have access to some of this information.  (The LEIU exists to "gather, record, and exchange confidential information, not available through regular police channels").  Lastly, U.S. corporations are increasingly hiring part-time "surveillance role players" (discussed below).  The networking, unaccountibility, funding, and advanced technology of the above entities facilitate opportunity to illegally harass individuals.

(7)   Drs. Sheridan and James failed to mention that U.S. diplomats complained of bizarre harassment, having plausible deniability, similar to complainants of organized harassment.  Fairly recently, WikiLeaks revealed top secret U.S. diplomatic cables that Russian agents, presumably, were breaking into the diplomats’ homes just to move a piece of furniture, to turn on a t.v., etc. (link to Washington Post article re the psychological harassment of U.S. diplomats).  I wonder if Drs. Sheridan and James consider the U.S. diplomats to be “delusional”?  Another example of bizarre harassment appeared in a Sydney Morning Herald article in 2015.  Michael Page, the CEO of a well-established local firm in Sydney, Australia called Netventures, said he contacted a lawyer after his firm's address and phone number were listed on the internet as those of Australia's domestic intelligence agency ASIO.  During the prior two months, Mr. Page received strange and intimidating emails, text messages, and phone calls, his home's front door lock was broken, his home's power often went out, and he said "I came home and there was a bowl of sugar in the middle of the kitchen floor."  He had a falling out with a prior employee who said he trained with ASIO.  Mr. Page believed that he might be the victim of gangstalking where a person is relentlessly targeted and harassed.  (link to Sydney Morning Herald article about possible gangstalking of CEO Michael Page).  A very similar and even more recent example of bizarre psychological harassment is the following -  On October 13, 2016, ABC 10 News (KGTV, San Diego, California) interviewed Facika Tafara who was the target of psychological harassment.  Although it was not mentioned in the segment, she is a board certified physician specializing in internal medicine and the director of the Family Health Centers of San Diego.  The ABC 10 News segment did not discuss the motive for harassing Dr. Tafara, but my guess is that she crossed a powerful member of the San Diego community, perhaps a high ranking law enforcement officer (like I did).  The following is a summary of the segment -  “A San Diego mother said she was being targeted for weeks by people she doesn’t know coming in her house when she’s not there.  Facika Tafara thinks she may be the victim of a bizarre practice called gang stalking or community stalking.  ‘It’s like an alternate reality, really,' she said.  'It’s spooky, and it’s my understanding that if this is actually what it is, it can go on for years.'   The reporter said that community or gang stalking is an eerie practice that takes aim at your psyche to make you almost feel like you’re going crazy.  In Tafara’s case, she said she noticed strange things out of place in her house when she would get home from work such as her windows being opened at the same level, dresser drawers opened at the same distance.  She said she even found a camera inside the bedroom of her 11-year-old son.  Tafara said she contacted police, and detectives visited her home, but they said 'if it happens again call us, but there’s not much we can do because we don’t know who it is, we don't have a face...'  That local law enforcement did not conduct a substantial investigation of Dr. Tafara's harassment is no surprise to me.  Neither the FBI’s Clearwater Florida field office, the Pinellas County Florida Sheriff’s Office, nor the Clearwater Florida Police Department investigated my factually specific, written complaints of a criminal conspiracy against me by members of local law enforcement and others on behalf of them. (link to the ABC10 News, San Diego, t.v. segment regarding the possible gangstalking or community stalking of Dr. Facika Tafara).  Based upon my own experience, the psychological harassment described by Dr. Tafara is just one tactic used in organized psychological harassment.  Other tactics that I have experienced in Pinellas County, Florida and here in Chiang Mai, Thailand are street theater and mobbing.  (I define “street theater” as a pre-arranged display in public, usually by more than one person, to psychologically harass.  Although the term "mobbing" is often used as a synonym for organized harassment or gangstalking, I define it more narrowly as one tool of organized harassment - subtle, intentional crowding of an individual in public places, such as a store, usually by one or two people at a time to psychologically harass and/or to attempt to provoke a response.).  I sent three emails to the U.S. Consulate's Office here in Chiang Mai - on March 19, 2015, May 24, 2017, June 18, 2017, and on April 20, 2018 - just for the record.  My first email briefly discussed the organized psychological harassment aganst me here by Americans, presumably evangelicals (e.g., a guy at a fitness center quietly repeating that a man was hit by a slow moving vehicle), the secret smear of my being a pedophile, similar harassment which occurred in Pinellas County, Florida, and cited my main website - systematicpoliceharassment-pinellascountyflorida.com.  Significantly, I sent the email well before I had my Summary translated into Thai which I gave it to a few Thai people.  Again, my website is not a commentary about the Thai government or police.  My second email contained text which was somehow hacked into my "CM-Diary" (Chiang Mai Diary) which is in the Google Docs app on my iphone.  I wrote that I contend the text was hacked by a corrupt person(s) associated with the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community.  My third email contained an online, disinformative article about me, entitled "In re Richard Griesinger, Esq.: an online defamation and libel," posted online.  I wrote that the article was posted by a person(s) in the above communty.  My fourth email to Consulate's Office referenced a similar anonymous, hyperbolic article about me, also posted online in 2016, entitled "Former Clearwater Florida City Attorney criticizes Dr. Lorraine Sheridan's... study on gangstalking..." which I wrote was also the work of corrupt members of the above U.S. community to try to discredit my reasoned, 20 point criticism of the 2015 gangstalking study by Drs. Sheridan and James,

(8)   Drs. Sheridan and James failed to research the history of organized group psychological harassment (or, if they did research it, they did not include it in their study).  They wrote - “Little is known about the nature of the phenomenon of group- or gang-stalking.” and “Group-stalking is an unresearched area.”  My response -  Any research would show that group psychological harassment was extensively used by East Germany’s law enforcement/domestic intelligence agency (Stasi) until 1990 under its Zersetzung program (discussed below in paragraph 11);  by the Soviet Union;  by the United States’ FBI under its Zertsetzung-like Cointelpro program in which targets were illegally harassed, not just surveiled (including John Lennon, Martin Luther King, Ernest Hemingway, actress Jean Seberg, among others);  by the Church of Scientology against defecting members;  by corporations against whistleblowers such as Stephanie Gibaud (In 2015, a French labor tribunal ruled that Ms. Gibaud, the former marketing director of UBS Bank’s Paris subsidiary, was targeted with psychological harassment by UBS when she refused to destroy records showing that UBS concealed more than 12 billion euros via offshore accounts.  Referring to her psychological harassment, Ms. Gibaud said -  "That’s what I call ‘organised mobbing, gang stalking.’ It’s meant to make you crack. That’s what they expect".  (link to Reuters article about the psychological harassment of Stephanie Gibaud).

(9)   Drs. Sheridan and James excluded discussion of legislation, enacted by several countries which define and prohibit group psychological harassment in the workplace (known as "mobbing" in Canada and European countries).  (link to Wikipedia article about workplace mobbing and other types of mobbing).

(10)   Drs. Sheridan and James failed to discuss, even to criticize, numerous academic writings recognizing group psychological harassment, both inside and outside of the workplace (academically referred to as community mobbing or adult bullying).  For example, British psychologist, Peter Randall, has written extensively on the subject, including a 1997 book - “Adult Bullying: Perpetrators and Victims.”  Even the academic publisher of Drs. Sheridan and James' own study (Taylor and Francis Group) acknowledged that Peter Randall is a leading expert on the subject.  Brian Martin, a professor of social studies, and Florencia Peña Saint-Martin, a professor of anthropology co-authored a 2014 paper, an excerpt of which follows -  “In mobbing, targets are judged ‘guilty’ .... afterwards, evidence to justify this initial judgment is gathered … Perpetrators manipulate and hide information, lie, … and monitor targets in a continual search for ‘new evidence’ that supposedly proves their allegations … There is a long history of other types of mob behavior, not to be confused with … mobs .., notably the Ku Klux Klan … The concept of mobbing today refers to more subtle forms of aggression … such as … continual derogatory comments, …starting rumors...’” (excerpt translated from Norma González Coordinadora Organización, Prometeo Editores, 2014).  (I referred to the mobbing against me in Pinellas County, Florida as "psychological lynching" in the complaint I filed with the local FBI office.  It continues even though I am residing in a foreign city.  Mobbing is not only psychological harassment, but also an attempt to provoke responses which could be used against a person).

(11)   Surprisingly, Drs. Sheridan and James failed to discuss the well-documented use of diabolical, subtle psychological harassment by East Germany’s law enforcement/domestic intelligence agency (Stasi).  Thousands of law-abiding citizens were targeted until 1990 when Germany reunified.  The goal of the harassment, known as “Zersetzung” (decomposition), was stated in Stasi Directive 1/76 - “...systematic degradation of reputation, image, and prestige in a database on one part true, verifiable and degrading, and on the other part false, plausible, irrefutable, and always degrading…”  It is important to know that Stasi used its extensive surveillance power, not only to surveil citizens, but also to harass them.  I contend that members of the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community are doing the same.  The goal of Stasi's surveillance was to know - “everything about everybody.”  But even more onerous is the NSA’s present goal as stated in a PowerPoint slide revealed by Edward Snowden - “Collect It All; Process It All; Exploit It All; Partner It All; Sniff It All; and Know It All.”   Stasi agents, with the help of civilians, such as neighbors, co-workers, employees of local businesses, health care providers, etc. spread lies and half-truths, entered targets’ residences just to move, add, or remove an object, engaged in mobbing, etc.  Similarly, I contend that local FBI agents, perhaps by misusing the FBI's Infragard program, illegally convinced community members, including a few of my neighbors, local businesses, local professionals (e.g., Dr. Michelle Zetoony), and others to harass me.  Of course, members of the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office, and persons acting on their behalf, did so as well, including the financial harassment of my law practice.  I can only speculate who hacked my law office's internet usage, as well as my personal internet usage - which continues.  An exiled East German, Jurgen Fuchs, wrote an article entitled “You’re Going to Crack,” in a West German magazine, Der Spiegel, about his personal account of being targeted under Zersetzung.  Of course, the Stasi labelled him “paranoid,” much like the NSA has done to whistleblowers.  But like pre-Snowden whistleblowers, Mr. Fuchs was later vindicated when Stasi documents were released to the public. (link to Zersetzung article in Wikipedia).  My main website discusses Zersetzung-like tactics used against me.  (Possibly relevant, Snowden documents revealed that, via NSA’s “Stateroom” program, the NSA and CIA jointly operate in countries, such as Thailand including in northwest Thailand where Chiang Mai is located.  “These sites are small in size and in number of personnel staffing them. They are covert, and their true mission is not known by the majority of the diplomatic staff at the facility [U.S. embassies and consulates] where they are assigned").

(12)   Drs. Sheridan and James failed to discuss that U.S. private contractors and intelligence agencies are increasingly advertising for part-time - “surveillance role players.”  These players are typically persons with security clearances and recruited from the U.S. military and law enforcement.  They are hired to work in everyday places in a community and must sign non-disclosure agreements.  The potential to misuse “surveillance role players” to harass targets is obvious.  This subject is ripe for investigative reporting.

(13)   Although Drs. Sheridan and James listed the website - fightgangstalking.com (link) - in its Reference section, they failed to discuss it, even to criticize it.  I believe that this website (not the one in Facebook) is one of the few legitimate, well-researched sites online about the past and recent history of organized group harassment.  Although not relevant to its legitimacy, the website is ranked high in any online search of the subject.

(14)   Drs. Sheridan and James failed to discuss the concerns of prominent Americans (some listed below) about the lack of accountability, past abuses, and potential for future abuse of the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community, particularly after 9-11 -  former CIA operative Valerie Plame;  Pulitzer Prize recipient and former Washington Post journalist Diane Priest in her book "Top Secret America";  Senator Frank Church (who, 40 years ago, chaired the Senate Committee which investigated systemic abuses by the FBI, NSA, CIA, and the IRS and accurately predicted the future widespread misuse of secrecy and technology.  He warned - "That capability at any time could be turned on the American people..." and added that the community's secrecy and technology "could enable it to impose total tyranny, and there would be no way to fight back.");  Edward Snowden;  pre-Snowden NSA whistleblowers;  former CIA division chief Melvin Goodman (who said, in 2008, the U.S. intelligence and private contractor community lacks accountability and "is essentially out of control. It's outrageous");  and former FBI counterintelligence agent and whistleblower, Michael German.  Mr German, like others, is concerned that local fusion centers, created after 9-11, share information throughout the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence community, whether or not facts and assumptions are correct.  He is also concerned about the potential for abuse of the FBI’s Infragard program (which I know of firsthand), and the new low threshold to initiate FBI investigations.

(15)   Drs. Sheridan and James failed to discuss the following persons’ allegations of organized group harassment (gangstalking) - Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Donna Watts (link to her pending federal lawsuit - Donna Jane Watts vs. City of Palm Gardens, et. al.), very similar allegations by another female Florida law enforcement officer Toni Foudy, Mr. and Mrs. Krlich of Hubbard Ohio (link to ABC’s 20/20 interview of Mr. and Mrs. Krlich) who filed a federal lawsuit (Krlich vs. Taafe; link) in February 2017), Jeffrey Kantor (whose federal lawsuit was dismissed for lack of evidence (similar to claims of pre-Snowden whistleblowers who lacked Snowden's documentation) (link to American Bar Association article about Jeffrey Kantor's federal lawsuit), Stephanie Gibaud (discussed above), Roderick Russell, and me.  I discussed the above individuals more extensively in my main website - systematicpoliceharassment-pinellascountyflorida.com.

(16)   Drs. Sheridan and James implied that persons complaining of group stalking suffer from psychiatric problems, such as staying in their residences and fearing to go out.  My response -  Drs. Sheridan and James apparently did not read, for example, Trooper Watts' pending federal lawsuit stating that she began living like a hermit due to the constant harassment by numerous Miami cops for months.  Trooper Watts received intimidating voice messages of her private phones; police vehicles stalked her on and off duty; her private information was accessed in a police database by a hundred cops; her neighbors reported seeing "strange--looking cars" idling and parked in their cul-de-sac (typical of the psychological harassment against me),  etc.  All this because Trooper Watts stopped a police cruiser travelling over 120 mph through traffic.  She didn't know if the cruiser was stolen because its driver ignored her lights and siren for miles.  It turned out that the driver was an off-duty Miami cop late for his second job.  He was later fired.  A law enforcement officer in Sarasota County, Florida (next to the county where I used to live) posted the following anonymous comment online about Trooper Watts.  It  was one of many posts personally attacking Trooper Watts in forums.leoaffairs.com (“leo” meaning law enforcement officers. -  “ Dear Donna:  All of us at the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office feel you will be out of a job in the near future. We do not condone stopping or writing other cops citations in this county and have a strong brother/sister hood in this tri-county area. With that being said, we would like to offer you a second chance at the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office Animal Services Unit cleaning our kennels. You being a piece of $hit will fit right in with cleaning up animal $hit. Please consider this position as your days are most likely numbered from the Florida Highway Patrol for your inappropriate/dangerous and malicious actions. We look forward to handing you a bucket and a mop in the near future.  (link to an article about Trooper Donna Watts' experience)  (link to Trooper Donna Watts'  ongoing federal lawsuit, of note are paragraphs 170-182 and 332-339).

(17)   Drs. Sheridan and James implied that victims of group stalking are not to be believed because they have “no idea” who their stalkers might be.  My response -  No response is needed.

(18)   Drs. Sheridan and James wrote - “...We have not been able to find any record in the literature of cases where victims have been subject to two or more separate stalking campaigns by unrelated individuals in one 12-month period.”  My response -  Drs. Sheridan and James failed to discuss the extensive, lengthy psychological harassment against such persons as Jeffrey Kantor, NSA intelligence analyst Karen Stewart, Ralph Nader (who won a harassment/stalking lawsuit against General Motors), Roderick Russell of Canada (regarding Zertsetzung-like harassment against him), me, and many other individuals.

(19)   Drs. Sheridan and James wrote that there are “limited police … resources” on the subject of organized psychological harassment.   My response -  The reason is obvious.

(20)   Drs. Sheridan and James wrote that their study of group stalking was the first to use the scientific method and peer review.  My response -  This is gobbledygook.  What is needed instead is a Congressional investigation of organized psychological (and financial) harassment of the unaccountable U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community similar to the Senate “Church Committee” of 40 years ago.  There also needs to be substantial investigative reporting on the subject.

A year after the Sheridan and James paper was published online, and only three weeks after the Washington Post article about the bizarre psychological harassment of U.S. diplomats, a New York Times article entitled "United States of Paranoia: They See Gangs of Stalkers" by Mike McPhate (link) was published (June 2016).  Mr. McPhate relied upon the Sheridan and James paper to conclude that all complainants of organized group harassment must be delusional.  Like Drs. Sheridan and James, Mr. McPhate has no background, training, or expertise in the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community.  (He was the New York Times web page designer and manager).  Also, like Drs. Sheridan and James, he did not investigate, or rely upon any  investigation of the community.  (Years earlier, another New York Times reporter, Judith Miller, wrote articles based upon misinformation spoon-fed to her by government officials shortly before the U.S. invaded Iraq).  Mr. McPhate's poor research and/or biased journalism was demonstrated by what he wrote, or more correctly, by what he failed to write about Karen Stewart in his article -  “Karen Stewart of Tallahassee, Florida, believes large numbers of regular people have been brainwashed by the National Security Agency into thinking that she is a traitor or terrorist. Wherever she goes, she says - to church, to the grocery store, to the doctor’s office  - they are there, watching.  It baffles her, she said. But worse ,’It makes me angry to see how many people in this country are sociopaths. They are absolute group think drones,’ she said ’I don’t even consider them human anymore.’”  But, astonishingly, Mr. McPhate failed to write that Karen Stewart was a longtime intelligence analyst for the National Security Agency (NSA).  She had worked for the NSA for 28 years until she was fired.  Because another employee was credited with, and promoted for, Mrs. Stewart’s award-winning intelligence work, Mrs. Stewart filed an EEOC lawsuit against the NSA in 2010.  She alleged that the other employee, who worked in the same deartment, was a woman who provided sexual favors to NSA managers.  NSA officials threatened to label her “delusional” if she did not drop her lawsuit.  But she did not drop her lawsuit, was then diagnosed as "delusional” by the NSA - despite prior positive evaluations - and was fired.  Another NSA whistleblower, Retired Lt. Commander Thomas Reinbold, said that NSA employees call this delusional tactic as “ doing a mental."  Because of my experience, I believe Karen Stewart that she was the target of organized group harassment by NSA security and by civilians acting on its behalf. 

Shortly after Mr. McPhate's article was published, another article, entitled “The Nightmarish Online World of ‘Gang-Stalking,’”(link) by Roisin Kiberd (link), was published online (July 2016).  Ms. Kiberd, like Mr. McPhate, also relied upon the Sheridan and James paper to also conclude that all people reporting group harassment must be delusional.  Like Drs. Sheridan and James and Mike McPhate, Ms. Kiberd has no background, training, or expertise in the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community, and did not investigate, or rely upon any investigation, of the community. 

Recently (2018) an abstract of a paper, entitled "Mass murder, targeted individuals, and gang-stalking: Exploring the Connection,"  by Dr. Christine Sarteschi, an associate professor of social work and criminology, was posted online.  Like Mike McPhate and Roisin Kiberd, Dr. Sarteschi blindly relied upon the shoddy gangstalking study by Drs. Sheridan and James.  Only its short abstract (similar to the Sheridan and James study) is easily available online.  The underlying erroneous premise of Dr. Sarteschi, like Drs. Sheridan and James, is that - all complainants of organized group psychological harassment are delusional.  The abstract of Dr. Sarteschi's study follows - "“People across the world refer to themselves as ‘targeted individuals’ (TI'’s) and claim to be the victim of gang-stalking. The New York Times conservatively estimates that there are at least 10,000 people claiming to be victims of gang-stalking. Their perpetrators are typically perceived to be powerful government or law enforcement officials, who are seeking to destroy the life of the TI (Sheridan and James 2016). In retaliation, some have committed extreme violence. This article documents some of those cases and reviews the limited informational base of gang-stalking. These cases suggest that more research is needed to understand this unexplored belief system.”  Although I cannot access Dr. Sarteschi's study, I presume that my criticism of the Sheridan and  James study applies.  I also presume that Dr. Sarteschi failed to discuss the growing body of research showing that mass violence can result from prolonged harassment and bullying, e.g., Dr. Michael Kimmel and Dr. Matthew Mahler (professors of sociology), Dr. Jonathan Fast (associate professor of sociology).  A study showed that students bullied at school were twice as likely to bring guns to school. Even a former New Jersey State Trooper and whistleblower, Justin Hopson, bought a gun.  He was relentlessly harassed by fellow troopers (members of a secret society of fellow troopers) for refusing to participate in a cover-up.  A man, Jurgen Fuchs, who was targeted with psychological harassment (Zersetzung) by the former East German police (Stasi) wrote a
series entitled “You’re Going to Crack in Germany’s newspaper Der Spiegel. Of course, the Stasi claimed that Mr. Fuchs was delusional, but records later released to the public showed he was telling the truth.  Similarly, Stephanie Gibaud, a former UBS Bank employee, who refused to participate in a multi-billion euro coverup, was the target of psychological harassment by UBS Bank as a result (as determined by a French court in 2015).  Ms. Gibaud said of her psychological harassment- “That’s what I call ‘organised mobbing, gang stalking.’ It’s meant to make you crack. That’s what they expect.'  

I contend that it will be revealed that some persons, who have been subjected to organized group psychological harassment by persons associated with the above U.S. community, turned to violence.  In my factually specific complaint which I filed with the FBI's Clearwater Florida field office in 2013, I detailed a criminal conspiracy of local law enforcement with other local governmental agencies and wrote that a person less strong than me might succumb to constant harassment.  As I expected, neither the FBI nor the Department of Justice investigated my complaint.  Less than a year and a half later, Myron May, an attorney with a solid record and no history being delusional, etc. shot three FSU students, complaining of organized psychological harassment. 

The lengthy section below does not regard my criticism of the gang-stalking study by Drs. Sheridan and James, but is relevant to the issue of gangstalking --

+++  More than a year after the Sheridan and James gangstalking "research" was posted online (on July 16, 2015), I published my website criticizing the study (on August 18, 2016).  The two following articles appeared online just a few days after I published my website -  An article entitled “Academic Research on Organized Gang Stalking is Lacking. So are Sheridan and James, and Dietrich” (posted in the website popagandaculture.wordpress.com on September 9, 2016) and an article entitled “Gangstalking Study by Dr. Lorraine Sheridan is Fundamentally Flawed” (posted in the website - whatisorganizedstalking.wordpress.com on September 14, 2016, which is linked to the above website).  I am certain that the two phony articles were published as disinformation by a corrupt person(s) in, or associated with, the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community to counter my website.  Consider the following -  I sent the following email to the supposed author of the first article on October 3, 2016 - 

“ Mon, Oct 3, 2016
<donotreply@wordpress.com> Name: Richard Griesinger
Contact Form URL: https://whatisorganizedstalking.wordpress.com/contact/
Dear volunteer teacher:  
I have read your criticism of the Drs. Sheridan and James study re group-stalking. I believe the study is shoddy "research," but I have some questions for you - 1. What is your name?  2. What city do you live in?  3. What [my comment - I meant to ask - Why] are you writing articles about group-stalking? That is, are you a victim of group-stalking? If so, what are the specific reason(s)? Your website  contains no details of your personal experience (names, dates, etc.) why not?
Thank you,
Richard Griesinger ”

I received the following email reply on October 5, 2016 - which not only failed to answer my questions, but also attempted to intimidate and threatened me.  Understand that the author wrote that “she” was a volunteer teacher, but comes across as a private investigator.  But more significantly, although the author is a supposed fellow victim of organized harassment -  supposedly empathetic with fellow victims - “she" did “her” best to try to intimidate, threaten, and marginalize me -

“ Richard-
Also, in my sidebar, I have posted some 'free tools that you can use' to document these gang stalkers.  As you might imagine, as an investigative journalist, I have developed habits- and one of those habits is checking IP addresses. Yours is x.xx.xxx.xx in Thailand  [my comment - I changed the numbers to x's], as you noted. I have also noticed someone (you) checking my blogs regularly in the last several days via my wordpress 'stats counter.' This sort of information, while in and of itself is not a case or necessarily immediately useful, is evidentiary material in piece and in parcel. In my sidebar, I offer you free tools that you can use as well to document any harassment you might still be enduring.  I do not know what you would like from your personal situation, but I am available to investigate should you need a stateside investigator.  As you know, these hidden investigations take the form of harassment, and death threats etc.  And much of the is online, and leaves trace evidence. And, it is these little pieces of data that create for you, and others, the basic claim that you have been, in fact, targeted by scumbags.
Best regards,
popi ”

A few hours after receiving the above email, I received another email from “popi” - which also did not answer my questions and was another attempt to intimidate and threaten me --

“  Hi Chiang Mai ( Richard?). 
You can call me popi, like the flower. Well, for all of your questions, I would have to defer to my attorneys, located in my sidebar, where you can also read a bit about me in my bio ( but not too much).  I am primarily, a writer, and a journalist. My case began many years ago, when I wrote a story about a purported terrorist in a college newspaper. Yes, I have been gang staked multiple times, in multiple places over time.  And, my website DOES contain details, but they are laced within the narrative itself. Unlike yourself, I cannot afford to leave this country in order to write my story  [my comment - "popi"'s community knows full well that I moved to Chiang Mai because I could no longer afford to live in Pinellas County due to having to close my law office due to extensive financial disruption and hacking of my law office]  , and as you well know, people get hurt and even killed over talking about these things  [my comment - intimidation and threats].  If I recall correctly- you are the guy who got stalked in Florida? Your narrative is a wonderful, clear, and concise  [my comment - "clear and concise" because all of my facts are true]  telling of your tale.Very helpful, and insightful, and unlike the nutty blogs out there,  [my comment -  "Popi" failed to write that, no doubt, the most of the "nutty blogs out there" were the work of "her" community]  is nearly court room worthy.  And, this that you endured is  called "pedofication," this situation that you described in your online work. A man named John Lang, an ex-marine, and a police corruption activist,  from Fresno California was found dead in his burning house, as firefighters sat blocks away  [my comment - more intimidation and threats], after he described essentially the same thing you described.  They accused you of being a pedophile and so on. This fits a pattern, and part of my goal is to reveal those that do these things to others. I am offering a reward of up to 15k for anyone who can successfully bring a group of these cowardly POS to trial, and conviction.  I honestly don't care if the people who are accused by these gang stalkers are indeed guilty of these purported crimes  [my comment - I care] - what matters to me is how these hidden harassment campaigns, misuse of inappropriately gained personal data, and slander based in hearsay are affecting my country.  I mean- if these things are true about you, and others, as the stalkers claim- then why not get it into a courtroom?   [my comment - I tried to hire a law firm to file a police misconduct lawsuit, but soon learned that firms only wanted to handle cases that involve one or two incidents and, therefore, easier to litigate].  The answer to that is that they are avoiding,  in plain legal terms- they are avoiding cases where clear legal standing would invoke the very hidden processes that they employ in these domestic terror campaigns waged against American citizens.  I am interested in interviewing people who this has happened to, and also, possibly building towards a class action lawsuit, or in the very least, bringing this practice to light in a legitimate narrative structure that 'ordinary' people can understand, and begin to dismantle as a social ill.  My case, like yours, involves dirty cops who misused data, and access to my personal life. It also included Jewish organizations [my comment - My harassment has not included Jewish organizations, but has included many evangelicals], community groups and more. And, regardless of their basis, it was illegal and needs to be brought to light.  I am sure you have heard that phrase more than once from these religious nutjobs? They are fond of the phrase " what happens in darkness...." and so on. So, yes, my goal is to shine a light on these POS.  If you are interested in telling me more, it would be on condition of anonymity- I am a journalist doing deep cover journalism, and my word is my bond. I would sit in jail for a source that provides accurate, factual information, and I would even put that into a confidentiality agreement if necessary.  [my comment - No doubt, "popi"'s community relies upon non-disclosure agreement]  Well, if you would like to coresspond, I will be available.
Best regards,
popi “

I contend that "popi"'s emails and the hyperbolic online articles about me, discussed below, were the anonymous work of corrupt members of, or persons associated with, the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community.  The emails and articles reminded me of the anonymous "suicide letter" to Martin Luther King - later determined to be created by the FBI - and other dirty, psychological tricks previously committed by anonymous members of the community.

1st Update re"popi" --
I regularly Google search my name "Richard Griesinger" with the word “harass” or "gangstalking" to see what websites have discussed me.  In mid October 2016, my search revealed an article entitled "Former Clearwater Florida City Attorney criticizes Dr. Lorraine Sheridan’s highly discredited study on gang stalking (the one where she never actually talked to a single victim)” posted in the website popagandaculture.wordpress.com.  The phrase “pop-agenda-culture” is listed near the top of the website; “popagandi” is the name of the author of the sister website - whatisorganizedstalking.wordpress. com).  As a bad pun, the above names bring to mind "propaganda" or disinformation.  The website - popagandaculture.wordpress.com - preposterously begins with a quote by a science fiction writer (Kurt Vonnegut), contains outrageous posts (either written as disinformation or posted by delusional individuals), discusses chewing gum on the bottom of a shoe, its sidebar contains an item "this is not a conspiracy theory blog," and, of course, contains no specific and verifiable facts about the author.  The following is the article about me ("Former Clearwater Florida City Attorney...") in <<  >>'s, portions of which I have bolded and underlined, followed by my comments in brackets --

<<   " As academics, ‘crisis PR’ professionals, and journalists scramble over each other face to ass  [my comment - intentional, over-the-top language] to deny, obfuscate, dismiss, discredit, deny and destroy   [my comment - This is the language of intelligence agencies used to describe their disruption of targets' lives]  the narrative of individuals who have endured organized mobbing, cyber stalking, multi stalking, cause stalking, aka gang stalking, while also garnering federal or intelligence agency funding, some narratives stand out from the chatter.  Richard Griesinger's story of gang stalking is one of those stories: a clear spoken case of harassment  [my comment - "Clear spoken" because all of my factual statements are true], without the highly suspect ‘they’re zapping me with satellite beams!’ distortion  [my comment -  I have no idea about this.  But I did read about a long-time NSA intelligence analyst, Karen Stewart (Weapons and Space department).  She filed an EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity) complaint in 2010 alleging that another female employee in her department, who provided sexual favors to managers, was given credit for her intelligence reports and promoted in her place.  NSA officials warned Ms. Stewart to drop her complaint or she would be diagnosed as delusional.  She did not drop her complaint, was diagnosed as "delusional" despite prior positive evaluations, and was fired.  (A long-time NSA officer, Retired Lt. Commander, Thomas Reinbold, called this practice as "doing a mental").  Ms. Stewart documented the gangstalking against her by NSA security members and others on their behalf.  She also photographed burn marks which she said perhaps resulted from a portable device used by a corrupt stalker.  I don't know.  (An NBC News article, dated September 11, 2018, regarded the U.S. State Department's reasonable belief that microwave weapons were used against U.S. diplomats in their residences in Cuba and China).]  Shortly after I discovered his narrative, I was contacted by him, and then, my internet became a sludged mess of slowness, accompanied by a mysterious screen capture process that leaves behind traces in the form of blank images.  My router logged DDoS attacks for days.  [my comment - This is typical disinformation.  I did not harass the author(s); rather, my law office's internet access, email accounts, and phones were hacked to financially disrupt me.  (I had to close my law office in 2012 as a result).  My personal internet access (that is, my iphone and email accounts) were hacked, and continue to be hacked, to harass me.  My two websites may have been hacked as well to reduce traffic, but I don't know.  If so, I don't know if the above tactics were used against my websites].  I received an early morning phone call from Florida (I have an unlisted phone number that I use only as a one-way radio) [my comment - an intentionally hyperbolic comment], the state where he claims to hail from.  I have never been to Florida, but from everything I have read, it is one of the most corrupt, religious backwaters in America - a state notorious for lynchings, with a claim to fame that they routed and burned an entire town of freed slaves which, for me at least, indicates the veracity of his story, as these gang stalking complaints are often retaliatory, or vengeful covert prosecutions of individuals, not at all unlike lynch mobs  [my comment - The references to lynchings is a play upon my use of the phrase "psychological lynching" in my FBI complaint to describe the organized harassment against me]  of olden times, but with the internet.  Use your imagination on the possibility of how the internet can be and is weaponized - Griesinger's story has those details too.  This uptick in my personal harassment  [my comment - I did not harass the author; I only exposed "her" disinformative article in my website]  could also indicate that his story is one that any number of agencies use as bait/honeynet  [my comment - This may have occurred about a year ago here in Chiang Mai (today is August 29, 2017.  The following is based upon “a conversation I had with a guy in Chiang Mai.”  He dated the ex-wife of a powerful resident of a  small U.S. city for a long time despite harassment. He said that even after his girlfriend and he broke up, his attempts to meet other women were somehow interfered with.  The guy told me he cannot meet a girlfriend here in Chiang Mai and thinks it's probably related.  He said he has to resort to going to local “soapy massage parlors” (technically illegal, but four are permitted here). He said some of massage ladies in the Nimman area would offer him “special massages” which he accepted.  He said that he received them for a while from several at a particular Thai massage on Nimman Street. One day when he was there, a woman offered him a “special massage,” but he declined because he was planning to go to a “soapy massage.”  The woman then said he could have boom boom, but the guy said it was less expensive at the “soapy massage,” so the woman reduced her price.  The man said that a couple of years later while he was eating at a restaurant frequented by American evangelicals, an older American woman near him loudly and out of the blue, said - “We’ll give him all the pussy he wants! or similar words. The man immediately realized he may have been previously setup.]  to troll and abuse victims and others who research this topic.  As I have written before, the very act of publicizing these stories brings harassment upon an author.  This is the sad state of American propaganda today  [my comment - I contend that corrupt persons associated with, the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community are behind disinformative articles regarding gangstalking, including the subject article about my website.  Consider the name of the website in which the article about me was posted - popagandaculture.wordpress.com - a bad pun which brings to mind propaganda or disinformation.  Of course, undoubtedly, delusional persons post online about gangstalking as well.]  - it is designed to occult the real narratives from the fake, and makes actual journalists the targets of MSM, [my comment - Perhaps.  Two USA Today journalists, Ray Locker and Tom Vanden Brook, were targeted with hacking while investigating Pentagon information operatives ("info ops").  A journalist, Ronan Farrow, was targeted while he investigated Harvey Weinstein's extensive and bizarre harassmnet of vistims/whistleblowers],  FOP, or other propaganda outlets.  Regardless, that is the nature of this topic - and also why MSM and even alternative journalists won’t write about it  [my comment - Not true. Mainstream media is beginning to cover legitimate accounts of gangstalking].   Simply put, many who speak or write about organized gang stalking have died, been killed, or become themselves targeted by these hidden practices.  [my comment - This is one of many implicit threats against me in the article.  The author replied to my email to "her", which I posted in both of my websites, that "she" is a felllow victim of gangstalking.  However, "she" is doing "her" best here to intimidate and threaten me]  In that light, there are several categories of persons who claim harm in this dialectic: whistle blowers of police and other state corruption, petty criminals who are hounded to confess to crimes, journalists, alleged terrorists or others who fit some ever-morphing DHS profile, and more.  They seek solace on the internet, and also, perhaps, flee there as a place to tell a story that is by design occulted from our view; they flee there because they fear they could be murdered, perhaps, without witnesses.  (A young man was recently found shot, and burned to death in his car in Ferguson MO. Shortly before his murder, he tweeted that he had been surrounded by ten police detectives, and warned that he ‘better choose his friends wisely’RIP Darren Seals.)  The narrative of Richard Griesinger falls into several of those categories  [my comment - more intimidation and threats against me] - part whistle blower, possible petty criminal (if in fact having a relationship with a client is illegal in his state)  [my comment - My relationship with the divorcing/later ex-wife of a high ranking law enforcement officeris why I was harassed in Pinellas County, Florida (detailed in my main website - systematicpoliceharassment-pinellascountyflorida.com)].  And he claims his internet was monitored, [my comment -  I knew that my computer was being monitored and agreed to it.  A statement to that effect was in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters application which I signed] and he was then pedofied  [my comment - I was secretly smeared as a pedophile due to revenge by the ex-husband who was the fourth highest member of the local Pinellas County, Florida Sheriff's Office.  My attempts to hire professionals to disprove the insidious smear were always interfered with.]  by local law enforcement as a result.  Similarly, John Lang of Fresno California suffered a similar fate before he died. [my comment - more intimidation and threats].  Let me say this, by way of personal disclosures: as an author, writer, and concerned citizen I unequivocally state that I don’t care if these stalkers claim one of their victims is a satanic cult serial killer, and that their ‘investigatory method of gang stalking justifies the ends of their means; they do not, and cannot, because justice is not served by misconduct and deviant crime in order to ‘combat crime.’  For me, I remember the good old days of due process, and many of us are due that-standing in a court of law is far better than laying down in a grave, because mobs of cowards can’t handle the darkness of days when they are revealed, as they have done to others.  And in that light, be forewarned: my writing and other research on this topic is my non-violent attempt  [my comment - more intimidation and threats, whether financial, an interference with my stay in Thailand, physical, etc., I don't know] to bring light where there is darkness - to bring voice to the voiceless, and en toto, an act of artful civil disobedience. "   >>

2nd Update re "popi" --
On November 13, 2016, “popi” - the anonymous corrupt person or persons in, or associated with, the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community - published the below article online about me entitled “In re: Richard Griesinger, Esq, and online defamation and libel."  The article was published soon after I discussed “her” above two threatening emails to me in this website.  The article was also published in several of "popi"'s disinformative websites,e.g.,  bsanalysis.wordpress.com, whatisorganizedstalking.wordpress.com. and popagandaculture.wordpress.com.  The article was also published in the following 11 similar anonymous websites which were created between late 2016 and early 2017 -  su.wordpress.com;  or.wordpress.com;  ty.wordpress.com;  ay.wordpress.com;   bn.wordpress.com;  en.wordpress.com;  li.wordpress.com;  yi.wordpress.com; de.wordpress.com;  so.wordpress.com;  and bm.wordpress.com.  Again, top secret PowerPoint slides prepared the British equivalent of the NSA, revealed by Edward Sowden, illustrated that Western intelligence agencies have tools to flood the internet with phony websites, etc.  (Note - No doubt due to hacking, I can no longer view any of the above two letter .wordpress.com websites using a Google search of my name "Richard Griesinger" with the word "gangstalking" and/or "wordpress," as I could do before).

There are perhaps five reasons why "popi"'s community is concerned about my two websites -  (1)  My factual statements about the organized financial and psychological harassment against me since 2008 are true, many are detailed, and some are documented; (2)  I am a credible person (established attorney forced to close my law office in 2012 due to hacking and harassment); (3)  The motive for my harassment - revenge by the ex-husband (a high ranking law enforcement officer whose divorcing/ex-wife I dated from 2003 to 2011 - is obvious and documented; (4)  I am verifiable (i.e., my identity and location is clear, unlike “popi”); and (5)  The above community’s use of gangstalking and other harassing tactics is slowly losing the cover of plausible deniability due to increasing exposure in legitimate media (e.g., a Sydney Morning Herald article about CEO Michael Page in Australia, an ABC TV segment about Dr. Facika Tafara in California, Miami Herald articles about Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Donna Watts, an ABC TV 20/20 segment about Mr. and Mrs. Krlich in Ohio, etc.), and due to an increasing number of legitimate websites by credible individuals (for example, Roderick Russell in Canada, longtime NSA intelligence analyst Karen Stewart, and me).  The following is “popi”’s article about me (in <<  >>'s), portions of which I have bolded and underlined, followed by my comments in brackets --  

<<   In re: Richard Griesinger, Esq, and online defamation and libel. The researcher of organized stalking will note various information/disinformation on the web about organized gang stalking  [my comment - I agree, and the websites and articles by “popi”’s community are prime examples of disinformation. Snowden documents revealed that Western intelligence agencies post phony websites and articles online to discredit legitimate individuals and topics]. What should become clear after some amount of time is that this is by design of the hidden cultural practice that it is.  This researcher has several blogs, and I do not use my personal identity in any of them  [my comment - “popi” wouldn’t even disclose “her” name or city of residence to me by email] because in this ‘phenomena’ what then happens is that blogs are stalked, hacked, and online comes offline, as gang stalkers seek to silence those of us who research, or raise awareness of this topic. In other words, criminal activity under color of law begins when this topic is discussed openly  [my comment - subtle intimidation and threats against me]. I wrote about a case that has all the trappings of authenticity - the case of one  Richard Griesinger, Esq. [my comment - authentic because all of my factual statements are true, many are specific, and some are documented - a concern to “popi”’s community] - on one of my blogs, and the very next day received a phone call from a state where he formerly resided. That could indicate that he is not who he says he is; it could indicate that his blog is just another psyop ;  [my comment -  No doubt, the author's community operates this way]  it could indicate many other things. But to me, the researcher, what it revealed- again- is how well connected these people are,  [my comment -  This is, most likely, an accurate fact]  as I never give that phone number to anyone-ever. That seems significant.  Then, the blog became increasingly interesting to some in the community of gang stalking, and for various reasons, I closed the blog to any but registered and verified users. In short order, Israeli’s, MEPCON, and a few un-named persons requested access.  Put another way- my blog got mobbed by people interested in that story and others. I have been mobbed by the fanatical Zionists, LEIU, pedophiles, Israeli’s from Squad 8200, and law enforcement as well as pimple faced military trolls [my comment - A mixture of hyperbole with probably accurate facts], and often, these mobbing’s come offline, into the real world, where these people do other things that endanger life and safety  [my comment - again, more intimidation and threats].  What this indicates to the researcher, is an inference that this topic gets certain folks riled up in the least, and drives some into furious counter-narrative. That seems important, because most legitimate research agrees that those who practice in the occult of gang stalking, are in fact from within the LEO and security industry,  [my comment -  This is, most likely, an accurate fact]  which at this time, has effectively replaced the Ku Klux Klan, the JDO, and the so-called ‘white identity’ movement that preceded the current Christian Zionists  [my comment - Harassment against me in Pinellas County, Florida and here in Chiang Mai has included, among others, American evangelicals (e.g., by Pinellas County Circuit Judge George Greer, former client Cathy Bulger, my ex-girlfriend’s ex-husband, basically a Catholic evangelical according to my ex-girlfriend, probably a large number of law enforcement officers in Pinellas County, etc.), no doubt, because I viewed some gay porn online.  I never would have a gay or bisexual encounter, but that should be nobody’s business] as fanatical bombers and so on,  as a domestic terrorists.  In fact, the cross cultural membership, criminal, and institutional corruption of theses LEIU, security contractor, Scientologist/Mormon/Christian/Jewish gangs [my comment - My harassment has not involved Jewish gangs, but has involved evangelicals],  LEO’s, community policing initiatives nearly vindicate the modern Klan as a mere political action group that practices free speech, and their version of history.  According to OSINT easily found online, Richard Griesinger, Esq., was formerly a City Attorney in Pinellas County Florida, in an era when Scientologists were seeking influence in that area. I saved a copy of the original webpage (here is what he- or someone- calls his original webpage), and all communications I have had with him, as often these near legitimate stories are in fact psychological operations  [my comment - A tactic of "popi"'s community]  designed to intimidate me, the researcher, or the people like him, a purported victim of gang stalking. In other words, I protect both of us, from whoever would corrupt or challenge the narrative.  I use WordPress because it auto saves posts with a time stamp, as does Gmail, and so, I can prove beyond any and all reasonable doubt that Richard Griesinger has libeled and defamed this author  [my comment - First, the nerve of "popi"'s community to write of defamation, when I have been falsely and secretly smeared as a child molester, pedophile, etc. for years.  Second, truth is a complete defense, and anonymous persons, like “popi,” cannot be the subject of defamation], and attempted to discredit the narrative I have documented.  I will make this available to any credentialed researcher of organized gang stalking, should you be verifiable as an authentic researcher.  I reached out to this Griesinger fellow, because I believe that much of what he wrote is an authentic story, and based upon his recent post, I believe that, like many of these victims, his narrative is mixed with features of a possibly un-diagnosed personality disorder  [my comment - First, remember that "popi" is supposedly a fellow victim of organized group harassment, but is doing "her" best to marginalize me! Also, as I discussed in both of my websites - governmental agencies, corporations, and other entities in the United States and other countries have used the “delusional” tactic against whistleblowers, dissidents, and targets (e.g., the NSA against whistleblowers Russell Tice and  Thomas Reinbold, the Pacific Gas & Electric Company against a manager and whistleblower Neil J. Aiken, etc. all of whom were later vindicated], but I find his story credible on cursory research ( I am not a mental health professional  [my comment - There "she" goes again], this is just my opinion about a person who made their business public online; nor do I seek to make life harder for this fellow, but I will not discuss it further than that.)  I attempted a dialogue with this person/entity, and in return, was rewarded with libelous, slanderous comments about my work. A sad fact of those of us who actually seek to bring light to this dark practice are often pitted against each other, perhaps by our own biases or mental illness   [my comment - There “she” goes again]; and often by agents and agencies whose exact goal is this form of exploitation.  I have a background with social workers and psychologists, and so, I am aware that mental illness can be of the paranoid variety. Griesinger’s current version of “his” story exhibits this trait [my comment - There “she” goes again.  And, as I wrote above, "popi" claims "she" is supposedly a fellow victim of organized group harassment, but is doing "her" best to discredit and marginalize me].  These days, and since I closed that blog, this blog gets hits every two days or so from Thailand. I can prove that to any legitimate researcher of organized gang stalking.  So, Mr/Miss Griesinger, chiangmairick@google.com, former City Prosecutor, etc, or whoever, whatever agency has co-opted your/his name and identity,  I once again, here in plain sight of the whole world, extend you the opportunity to retract your slander/libel, or whatever it is. Then, in lieu of that, I will take other measures  [my comment - more subtle intimidation and threats, whether physical, psychological, financial, and/or somehow interfere with my stay in Thailand, who knows].  Now, to the researcher of organized stalking, note that Thailand is a beneficiary of tens of millions of American dollars per year  [my comment - No doubt, “popi” is arrogantly letting me know that “her” community has financial clout in Thailand] for initiatives that ‘combat sex trafficking and child sexual exploitation.’  [my comment - I will not be smeared as a pedophile, child molester, a potential one, a sex trafficker, or potential one.  My ex-girlfriend’s ex-husband - a high ranking local law enforcement officer whose best friend was a retired FBI agent - had me smeared for revenge (detailed in my main website). The smear has always been secret (that is, always behind my back or anonymous) and was denied by law enforcement in Pinellas County.  My attempts to hire professionals to disprove it were always interfered with.  The FBI and Department of Justice denied my written request to investigate.  (I notified the U.S. Consulate’s Office here in Chiang Mai in 2015, by email, of the smear and threats against me, my main website, etc. just for record.  I also emailed the Consulate's Office on May 24, 2017 about text hacked into one of my Google Docs, on June 18, 2017 about a hyperbolic online anonymous 2016 article about me entitled "In re Richard Griesinger, Esq.; an online defamation and libel," and on April 20, 2018 about another hyperbolic, anonymous article about me (also posted online in 2016) entitled "Former Clearwater Florida City Attorney criticizes Dr. Lorraine Sheridan's...study on gangstalking..."  I am certain that the hacked text and the two articles were created by a corrupt person(s) in, or associated with, the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community to discredit websites about its harassment campaign against me and my reasoned criticism of Drs. Sheridan and James; gangstalking study].  It is a cross-roads nexus state where sex trafficking takes place as children and women, and Thai lady-boys are shuffled across borders by actual rings of sex traffickers.  This is one reason why talking about this topic can  be dangerous  [my comment - more intimidation and threats], both to the researcher, and to individuals who are targeted by gang stalking. Organized rings of pedophiles, and literal and actual gangs of sex traffickers operate from Thailand to America and beyond, often in the disguise of these social justice movements, and anti-sex trafficking NGO’s, cults and actual gangs, many of which are funded by USAID and other military’ intelligence agency black budgets.  Do you see a connection? I do.  It is this researchers opinion that organized gang stalking, pornography, prostitution, and sex trafficking are related, and part of my hypotheses is that both sides of the trafficking narrative derive billions per year, one way or the other, and often work together, as was the case of Yugoslavia/Bosnia in the 1993 era.  It is no different today, and many who research gang stalking will find this to be the case as well- there is a provable link between those who create a moral panic, and those who police the narratives of moral panic. In fact, they are one and the same, like Laurel and Hardy, Pinky and the Brain-or a cat and a mouse  [my comment - intentional hyperbole]  : those who claim to be ‘combating’ a moral scourge, are the exact same people and groups deriving profit from all sides of the issue.  But in the case of the ‘targeted individual,’they are the scratching post the cats sharpen claws on; a form of bullying so severe and debilitating, that many take their own lives, are forced into false confessions, or worse, with some committing crimes in attempts to get a case into a court room  [my comment -  This is probably an accurate statement and an insidious goal of corrupt members of in the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community] , because the involvement of police and other institutional and community occult factors into often unwinnable dilemmas, and legal basis or legal standing issues.  So, Mr. Griesinger, I do not wish to add to your trauma- regardless of whatever you were accused of, the hidden practice of gang stalking needs to be brought into the light- I applaud your attempt to do that. And as you know, I extended my empathy to you, and you returned it by posting alleged private data. Regardless of your choice, once again- I ask that you retract your deliberate lies, and other statements about my writing, and my hypotheses. Any correspondence I have had with you will be revealed in a court room if necessary  [my comment - I have nothing to hide except embarrassment, but your community certainly has a lot to hide.  Also, I have been consistently denied the opportunity to place the secret smear and harassment against me into public view.]. And, in lieu of that, I will take further active measures  [my comment - more intimidation and threats, whether physical, psychological, financial, and/or related to my stay in Thailand, I don't know].“ (posted on November 13, 2016).   >>   [My final comment - Compare the content of my two websites with the often hyperbolic language used in “popi”’s emails, 'her' article about me, and 'her' community's disinformative websites .  Unlike “popi,” I am verifiable and have provided specific details regarding the motive and nature of the hacking and organized financial and psychological harassment against me].  

3rd Update re "popi"'s community --
I recently (December 6, 2016) noticed text at the top of one of my documents ("CM - Diary") in my Google Docs app on my iphone.  I did not write it.  (A linguistic expert isn't needed to show this).  The text was hacked and placed into my “CM - Diary,” no doubt, as a psychological ploy by a corrupt person(s) in, or associated with,  the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community.  "CM"  stands for Chiang Mai, the Thai city where I live.  I do not write lengthy, general text in my CM-Diary, but rather only write short comments about specific events which occur in Chiang Mai, except for an occasional, short general comment.  Although much of the content is true and although I wrote somewhat similar text in other Google Docs, some of it is not, and some of it is exaggerated.  Interestingly, the hacked text does contains some methods which are used to harass me (in Chiang Mai and previously in Pinellas County, Florida).  I have bolded and underlined portions of the text followed by my comments in brackets. --
The number of people despising me here in Chiang Mai is astounding  [my comment - First, consider the diabolical effort in writing and hacking the below text.  This sentence demonstrates the arrogance and gloating of corrupt members of the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community who have smeared me here as a pedophile.  Although the fact of the smear is true (initially secretly spread as revenge by my ex-girlfriend’s ex-husband in Pinellas County.  There has always been an evangelical undercurrent, if you will, involved in the smear both in Pinellas County and here in Chiang Mai), I would not use the words "despising" and "astounding" in this context.]  When viewed in one perspective,  it’s almost fascinating.  Again, I cope well because I naturally consider myself a reader, not a participant of my novel-like harassing experiences.  What outfits [my comment - I do not use the word "outfit" or "outfits"] will some harassers be wearing, what newspaper or book will they be reading and want me to peek at [my comment - I do not use the word "peek," although Jeffrey Kantor's lawsuit, which I discussed, refers to "sneak and peek" surveillance].  What vehicles wlil be backing up near me this time.  Will giggles  [my comment - I do not use the word "giggle" or "giggles," but psychological harassment against me has included, for example,  cars backing up as I pass, exaggerated coughs by people near me, a customer next to me in a restaurant doing his best to get my attention to an opened newspaper he was holding out which had the word “delusional” prominently displayed on a page, etc.] be used or a menacing look, or maybe get a passing cough.  It all is curiously and loosely organized  [my comment -  The phrase "loosely organized" was parroted from what I wrote in this website (reason 6 above) - that I believe that there is a loose network worldwide of, hopefully just rogue, members of the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community.  However, the harassment here in Chiang Mai, as in Pinellas County, Florida, is very organized].  I get it, but it really and truly has no lasting effect on me, except for the dramatic entry of an oddball-looking guy  [my comment - I would not use the phrase "dramatic entry of an oddball-looking guy."  Although this has been one method of harassment against me, why would this be the only harassment which would have a "lasting effect on me?"] etc.  It all seems a big waste of time and money (assuming some of the sheep are paid.  No doubt, the vangies work free of change.  They hate gays, I know, I get it.  But the funny thing, folks,  I’m not gay, I know that’s a tough one for you.  And for you vangies  [my comment - Although I have created several Google Docs in my iphone app about evangelicals (entitled "Evangs - [ ]," I do not refer to evangelicals as "vangies," nor to their church as "vange church"]  and others, I have never fantasized about my Little Brother and any other child, ever.  You can believe that or not -  it won’t change the truth.  I admire the clean lifestyle and many values you vangies hold to, but I feel sorry for you as well, really (not pity), that your minds and emotions are trapped and limited by setting life and religion in black and white concrete.  You folks have tried to set who I am in concrete terms as well, but most people defy such classifications.  I’m not a religious person - I don’t like organized religions, particularly dogmatic ones like yours, any orthodox, maybe if I were black and the rousing and soulful gospel music and all, but I was a robotic acolyte for three or four years and the form over substance turned me off.  Vange churches are even worse.  Vanges are too Old Testament, not enough New Testament - lighten up and live longer."

I have suspected that my two websites about the organized financial and psychological harassment against me have been hacked.  On July 8, 2017, I posted an answer in the quora.com website to the questions - "Is gangstalking real? Also, is it true law enforcement are aware of such phenomena but refuse to admit its existence?”  I posted an answer, based upon my first-hand experience, that gangstalking is indeed real and that law enforcement officers in Pinellas County, Florida, where I lived, were not only aware of it - they were behind it.  I briefly discussed my situation and included my main website’s URL link - http://systematicpoliceharassment-pinellascountyflorida.com.  But I discovered yesterday (July 30, 2017) that the link in my quora answer has somehow been hacked.  Let me explain - My website's URL address in my quora answer is correct.  And my website correctly displayed when I copied/pasted the address into the Google search box of my iphone and clicked it.  But when I clicked the link while in my quora answer, my website did not display; rather, an error message - "Safari cannot open the page because the server cannot be found" - displayed.  While the error message displayed, I looked in my Google search box and discovered that my website’s url address had somehow been hacked to - http://systematicpoliceharassment-pinellascountyflirida.com!  That is, the word “florida” was changed to “flirida”.  The hack was not immediately apparent because my lengthy URL address does not entirely display in my search box without scrolling over to the right.  No doubt, corrupt members in, or associated with, the above U.S.. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community are attempting to limit traffic to my website(s).